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What We Offer

Workforce Support

More Doctors For Rural Australia Program

The More Doctors for Rural Australia Program (MDRAP) supports non-vocationally recognised doctors to gain valuable general practice experience in rural and remote communities prior to joining a college fellowship pathway.

Rural Locum Rural Relief

The Rural Locum Relief Program is no longer taking applications. It has been replaced by the More Doctors for Rural Australia Program.

Cultural Safety Training

To ensure health services accessed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients are culturally safe and sensitive to their needs register for one of our cultural safety workshops for health professionals.

Distribution Priority Area

The Distribution Priority Area (DPA) is calculated and applied by the Department of Health (DOH) to locations to promote equity in healthcare. Holding DPA status indicates that your catchment area a may have a shortage of doctors/health services compared to the annual DOH benchmarks, which are based on population health data.

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