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Optometrist James Mitchell on providing outreach services

James Mitchell is an Optometrist based in Western Victoria. Born and bred in Warrnambool, there was no doubt for James that he would return to his home town after completing his optometry studies.

James always knew he wanted to be involved in outreach work to help rural communities with limited access to eye health services. The opportunity to take his work on the road presented itself straight out of uni, which now sees James regularly visiting ACCOs, local medical clinics and schools all over Western Victoria.

Tune in to this bite size episode to hear how James has navigated working rurally as a young health professional, and what he loves most about it.

Are you a health professional interested in providing outreach service to Victoria’s country communities? Check out RWAV’s outreach programs to see how you can get involved: www.rwav.com.au/outreach-programs

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