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RWAV Advocacy Priorities

RWAV is passionate about advocating for a comprehensive health care system for regional Victorians that is affordable, inclusive, high quality and accessible.

Our advocacy goal is:

‘All people living in country Victoria deserve access to affordable health care to support their physical, mental and social well-being. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should feel confident they will receive health care that is culturally safe, free of barriers, and respectful of their values.’

To achieve this goal, we have developed five priorities which outline how we will seek to achieve our advocacy goals. To view these goals, download our advocacy priorities document or explore the priorities below.

Priority One

We believe that:

Health care delivered to rural Victorians should be safe, high quality, affordable and comprehensive. Health professionals should have strong links to their rural communities and local health systems.

Priority Two

We believe that:

All health professionals should be supported to work together to provide healthcare in country Victoria that enhances complete patient cycles of care. This may be achieved through well-established referral pathways, multidisciplinary teams and high-quality training opportunities.

Priority Three

We believe that:

Health care provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people must acknowledge a holistic view of health which is empowered by community-led governance and supported with high cultural safety principles of health practitioners. The expertise and cultural knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and health professionals should be valued and embedded into health care models.

Priority Four

We believe that:

Technology innovations that support healthcare delivery and continuity of care in country Victoria should be safe and affordable. Alternate delivery options must be available for those with technology access issues. Appropriate quality and safety standards should underpin the use of telehealth and any other new innovations in country Victoria.

Priority Five

We believe that:

Health services in country Victoria should be equipped with infrastructure and resources to educate the next generation of health professionals.

We’d Love Your Feedback

What do you think of our Advocacy Priorities? We’d love to hear your feedback. Are there any other areas we should include or consider? Please provide your feedback now.

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