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Workforce Data

RWAV’s Health Workforce Planning and Reporting Team is responsible for data collection, data management, analysis, research, planning, reporting and evaluation that aims to improve health outcomes in Victoria’s rural, regional and Aboriginal communities. We are data-driven, evidence-focused and support all of RWAV’s key initiatives.

Victorian Rural Health Workforce (RHW) Census

The annual Victorian Rural Health Workforce (RHW) Census is targeted to health facilities (such as GP practices), health professionals (GPs, allied health professionals, nurses, non-GP specialists) and community members.

As of 2021, the RHW Census replaces the Regional Victoria Health Workforce Survey and the Regional Victoria GP Workforce Survey, which have expanded in scope.

The RHW Census now enables all health professionals to have their say on heath workforce issues and solutions for their Victorian rural, regional and Aboriginal communities. This translates to RWAV workforce planning, grants, programs, advocacy and policy development.

Health Workforce Needs Assessment

Each year RWAV undertakes the Health Workforce Needs Assessment (HWNA) for the Rural Health Workforce Activity Program on behalf of the Commonwealth. The HWNA uses RHW Census data (and other data sources) to determine areas of workforce and skill shortages. RWAV grants, programs, and outreach services are informed by the HWNA to best meet the needs of rural, regional and Aboriginal communities in Victoria.

Previous RWAV Health Workforce Data

RWAV has produced aggregated health workforce data snapshots based on the results of past annual surveys:

For further information about RWAV’s data and research services or if you have data or research to share with us, please get in touch with us now or phone 03 9349 7800 (Option 6).

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