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The Opportunity to Work in Regional and Rural Victoria, Australia

For General Practitioners (GPs) from other countries, relocating to a rural or regional area in Victoria can be a life-changing experience. It is an opportunity to gain a wide range of clinical experience while also experiencing the different lifestyle, culture, and natural beauty that Victoria has to offer.

As a GP,  you have dedicated your life to improving the health and well-being of others. It’s now time to consider your own career and life. Australia, particularly the state of Victoria, provides world-class healthcare, a laid-back lifestyle, and a welcoming and inclusive society, making it an ideal destination for medical professionals like you.

What makes Victoria, a good choice for to relocate to?

Healthcare System

Practice medicine in a world-class healthcare system that has significantly invested in cutting-edge technology and resources. Work in a system dedicated to providing high-quality care to patients, where you will make a genuine difference in people’s lives


Relax and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle surrounded by diverse landscapes and cultural experiences with rich dining and entertainment options as well as opportunities for professional and personal growth

High Demand for Doctors

Profit from the consistent high demand for medical professionals, with many areas facing a GP shortage. Take advantage of a strong job market and competitive pay.

Support for International Doctors

We understand how difficult it can be to relocate to a new country. That is why we provide international doctors with a variety of support services and resources, such as assistance with immigration and registration processes, finding housing, and navigating the local healthcare system.

Professional Development

Take your career to the next level with professional growth and development opportunities, access to cutting-edge medical technologies and resources, and a supportive and collaborative healthcare community. Choose from various training and development programmes and courses, as well as research and academic opportunities.

Join the great health professional community

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