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Distribution Priority Areas (DPA)

The following information was updated 29 July 2022.

July 2022 changes to DPA in Victoria

The Department of Health have released new DPA classifications on their website.

Victorian DPA appeals

Eligible GP clinics may appeal a geographic GP Catchment DPA classification via the

Exceptional Circumstance Review for DPA. The review is designed to help eligible regions respond to unforeseen workforce and population changes which may be impacting access to local health services. The final outcome is made by the Department of Health, however the process is administered through RWAV.

How to apply for a DPA Review in Victoria

Before you start:

  • Only GP practices in outer Melbourne metro areas can apply for a DPA review.
  • We encourage GP practices to make joint submissions with other practices in the same GP Catchment but we accept individual submissions.
  • DPA applies to an entire GP catchment area, not just a single practice.
  • This process may take several weeks from step 1 to step 5 below.

The general steps for DPA review in Victoria are:

  1. Check your DPA status and GP Catchment via the DPA Review outcomes in conjunction with the Health Workforce Locator Tool.

  2. Please Contact RWAV for a copy of the DPA Review Application Form. Please include the locations/ names of the practices in question and a small summary of the issue.

  3. Submit your application to RWAV with supporting evidence. RWAV will complete the form and forward the application to the Department of Health.

  4. At the Department, the independent Distribution Working Group considers all applications. The final decision is made by the Assistant Minister for Rural and Regional Health.

  5. The Department publishes DPA review outcomes on their website. The outcomes are valid until the next iteration of DPA classifications, which are due to be released from the Department in July 2023.

There are no current mechanisms for further review or appeals of a DPA review outcome.


Please ensure you read the latest DPA information on the Department of Health website.

To find out more or to request a DPA Review application form, please contact us.

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