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Rural Health Clubs

Joining a rural health student club is a great way to meet other like-minded students, build networks and learn more about the industry.

There are 28 university clubs across Australia with over 9,000 members. The clubs make up the National Rural Health Student Network and when you join a club you automatically become part of the network.

Members are passionate advocates for raising awareness of the health needs and improving the health outcomes for rural and remote communities.

Clubs welcome members across all health fields and organise many activities throughout the year:

  • Social events
  • Clinical skills weekends
  • Information sessions
  • Rural experiences

There are four Rural Student Health Clubs in Victoria:

RWAV and the Rural Health Clubs work together closely to support health students and promote rural health careers. Regular meetings managed by RWAV bring all Victorian club presidents together where challenges, ideas and collaborative opportunities can be discussed. RWAV and the clubs regularly join forces to deliver rural health events including guest speaker presentations, career networking events and the development of informational publications. 

Our partnership ensures the RWAV Student Grants program and the educational opportunities we offer such as cultural safety training are designed and delivered with the needs of the students at the forefront. RWAV’s Future Workforce Program is dedicated to engaging and supporting health students throughout their university journey and beyond.

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