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Bonded Medical Students

The Commonwealth Government’s Bonded Programs have been in operation since 2001.

The statutory Bonded Medical Program commenced on 1 January 2020. Up to that point, there were two legacy schemes – the Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship (MRBS) Scheme and the Bonded Medical Places (BMP) Scheme – which are both now closed. Legacy scheme participants can request to opt in to the Program.

Since 1 January 2020, successful new medical student applicants have entered the Program directly.

The Program provides students a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) in a medical course at an Australian university in return for a commitment to work in eligible regional, rural and remote areas for a specified period after completion of their medical course. This commitment is referred to as a Return of Service Obligation (RoSO).

RWAV can assist Bonded Medical Scholars no matter what their current status with the program is. We will arrange individual meetings with scholars to better understand their situation and help them successfully complete their return of service obligation.

For more information and assistance, get in touch with RWAV’s Future Workforce Program officer now or phone 03 9349 7800 (Option 3 and then select option 3 again).

When contacting RWAV, please include the following information so we can provide you with tailored support:

  • The year of enrolment in your medical degree
  • Whether you are completing your degree or if you are already in the workforce
  • If you have you opted into the new Bonded Medical Program (BMP) 

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