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RWAV Communications
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RWAV provides a free recruitment service to support general practitioners, GP locums, nurses and allied health professionals pursue a career in rural and regional Victoria.

If you are interested in a career working in First Peoples health please select “ACCO” in the subcategory section to see our vacancies at the Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations throughout Victoria.

If you have any questions regarding any of our jobs advertised please get in touch with us now or phone 03 9349 7800 (Option 1) to have a confidential discussion with our recruitment team.

Finding Vacancies in Victoria

Filtering Vacancies

Filtering the vacancies option enables the applicant to better search their desired job by entering the details or by selecting the option from the dropdown list.

Filter items including

  • Keywords: The applicant can enter the desired keywords in the section and can click on the search button to view the jobs available as per the keyword used
  • Search: This button enables the search result as per the option selected
  • Category: The Category dropdown provides the list of 5 options the applicant can choose. The applicant can choose either one or multiple of these options from the category dropdown while applying the filters
  • Subcategory: Depending upon the Category chosen, the Subcategory will automatically display the subcategory related to the selected category.
  • Work Types: The applicant from the Work Types dropdown can select the Types of the jobs they desire to apply, they can choose multiple options and the jobs will be displayed accordingly
  • Location: The applicant can select the Location as per their requirement and can view the jobs listed as per the chosen location. The applicant can choose multiple location from the dropdown option

Expandable filtering area:

  • The four filters which can be expanded are
    • Category
    • Subcategory
    • Work Types
    • Location
  • The Subcategory filter dropdown is reliant upon the Category filter and will only display the dropdown list as per the chosen Category

Hind/Show Boundaries

  • The applicant can choose to view the map as per the 3 options available
    • Hide Bounds – This option will hide the boundary and will display the pins on the map
    • City Councils – This option will display the Victorian territory in green colour, and the pins on the map are shown along with the council details
    • PHN Councils – The option will display the primary health network region in Victoria and they will be displayed in purple colour

Expand search result

  • By clicking the search result related to available vacancies will be expanded and you can view result in two columns.

Paging Details

  • The paging details displays the number of available vacancies and also displays the page on which the applicant is currently viewing the job opening

Zoom Option

  • The applicant can use the above button to zoom in and zoom out of the map

Map View

  • In the middle of the screen, the applicant can view the location of the available vacancies in Victoria

Location View

  • The blue pin displays the location in Victoria that has vacancies available. By hovering the mouse on the blue pin, the applicant can view the details of the vacancies – The area where the vacancy is available, number, and the types of the vacancy available.

Multiple Location view

  • If the vacancies are in closers vicinity (Same council), the blue pins will display 2 locations. Upon clicking on the blue pins, the map will automatically zoom in and will display the details of the locations that were pinned

Location Details

  • Upon clicking on the by click on each location pin (blue pin), the page will zoom in and the applicant can see the location pin changes from Blue to Red in colour, they can view the city and at the bottom of the screen they can view the vacancy details and 5 logos

Other details

  • The applicant can use the features shown with logos at the bottom of the screen to view the amenities like, upon clicking on the logo (1st logo from the left) will display the education institute available in the council.

  • The applicant can select multiple or all the logos at the same time as per their requirement and can view the details of the amenities in that council.
    • List of amenities available are
      • Education
      • Health
      • Transit Station
      • Restaurants
      • Convenience Store

City Details

  • The applicant upon clicking the “i” a new webpage will open-up as will display the information about the chose town giving the applicant a holistic understanding about the town. This page will also display the vacancies available in the town.

Rural Workforce Agency Victoria (RWAV) provides a range of activities and support to improve the recruitment and retention of health professionals in rural and regional Victoria.

We have exciting GP, Nursing and Allied Health jobs that we are looking to fill.  If you refer a health professional who becomes a successful placement, as our way of saying ‘Thank You’, we will reward you with a $500 gift voucher.

Just fill out the form below and you will receive your referral gift once the individual starts their new job*.

For more details on our referral policy, please contact us now or call the recruitment team on 03 9349 7800.

*Terms & Conditions apply

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