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The Victorian Rural Health Workforce Census 2022 is NOW OPEN 

The Victorian Rural Health Workforce Census 2022 (RHW Census) is NOW OPEN for all Victorian rural health professionals.

Complete the Census now!

What are the most pressing issues and factors affecting you as a health professional and your practice? What gaps does your community face when accessing primary health care?

If you are a rural GP, nurse, non-GP Specialist, allied health professional, allied health assistant or health worker, it’s now time to have your say on rural health workforce issues and solutions!

Your feedback will help us determine where resources should be focused and what advocacy initiatives need to be implemented. The information is also used by the RWAV to administer hundreds of grants, programs and initiatives to rural and remote Victorian communities to improve health outcomes.

The Victorian RHW Census is a critical initiative of the Rural Workforce Agency Victoria (RWAV) designed to enable informed decision-making to improve health care and equity for people living and working in rural and regional Victoria and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

RWAV recently hosted a webinar explaining the what, why, and how of the Victorian Rural Health Workforce Census and how to get involved. You can watch the recent webinar discussing this important information here.

The Victorian RHW Census is now open! Don’t forget to participate in the VRHW Census 2022 by 28 October 2022.

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