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Seeking GP mentors and community hosts

Calling all GP mentors, hosts and community contacts in country Victoria – the John Flynn Placement Program needs you!

The John Flynn Placement Program (JFPP) offers medical students the opportunity to work alongside a rural doctor, experiencing the diversity of rural practice for two weeks each year over a three to four year period. During their rural placement students reside with a host and are provided with a community contact who gives them exclusive insight into the social and cultural life of rural Victoria.

Mentors, hosts and community contacts are renumerated generously for their participation and report that the opportunity to play a role in shaping Victoria’s future health workforce is a rewarding one. The key aspect of the program is that students return to the same location each year; creating lasting connections with the people and place.

RWAV is currently seeking support for the 2020 cohort. If you would like to participate please call or email JFPPVIC@healthworkforce.com.au. For more information head to the www.jfpp.com.au.

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