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RWAV survey to health practices during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how country Victorian health practices have had to operate. To find out the impact and details of the changes in the industry RWAV conducted a survey of rural and remote health services in Victoria.

In the aftermath of the COVID19 crisis, there will be important conversations to be had about our healthcare system and how it needs to support Victorians in rural and remote areas. The health workforce and ways of providing healthcare services will be a key part of these conversations. We will have a choice to keep what worked well before the crisis and be determined to resolve what we can improve on for our future.

The survey was sent to rural health practices to understand how practices have responded to COVID-19, and to understand their needs.  Most responses came from practice managers, GPs and Allied health professionals. There were 72 respondents in total to the survey.  

See all the responses below.

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