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RWAV Health Workforce Stakeholder Working Group

RWAV will be conducting a state-wide virtual meeting at the beginning of September to engage with relevant health workforce groups across the Murray, Gippsland and Western Victoria regions. This meeting will be a chance for all to discuss RWAV’s organisational priorities, strategies and successes.

At RWAV we are excited to share our business activity and create opportunities for collaboration with these key stakeholders.

The group will discuss the Rural Health Workforce Support Activity Workplan for 2020-21, a Commonwealth Department of Health funded program administered by the Rural Workforce Agencies to deliver activities aimed at addressing the maldistribution of the health workforce.

The discussions will guide RWAV business activity under the program, such as recruitment prioritisation. Included in these discussions will be the impacts of COVID-19 on the health workforce, as well as the health professionals that will be eligible for support under the Rural Health Workforce Activity program.

The stakeholder working group includes representatives from:

  • Rural Primary Health Networks (Murray, Gippsland and Western Victoria)
  • Regional Training Organisations
  • Specialist Training Pathway Providers
  • Rural Clinical Schools
  • Rural Training Hubs
  • State Health Departments
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health State Peak Bodies (National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation affiliates).

Meetings like these are essential for RWAV to better support the health workforce and community health needs in rural and regional Victoria.

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