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RWAV Closing the Gap

img_3695RWAV was represented by Shae Wissell and Amber Neilley at the combined World Indigenous Allied Health and 5th National Closing the Gap Indigenous Health conference, held in Cairns in December 2016.

The conference highlighted inspiring initiatives, successes and challenges faced by allied health workers improving indigenous health outcomes both in Australia and overseas. The conference raises awareness of the continuing complex health issued faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across the country and how organisations are work together to ‘Close the Gap”. Guest speakers from America spoke of the ongoing health disparities for native indigenous Americans, who face health, social and economic disadvantages due to colonization and a loss of culture, connection to land and trauma. Issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities in Australia are very similar.

Amber and Shae where Key Note Speakers presenting on Healthy Ears – Better Listening, Better Hearing program and ran a plenary session on the significant outcomes of the Indigenous Ear and Eye Surgical Support Services. Both sessions where well received with interest from across the country. They both received awards for their amazing contribution and the impacts made by RWAV programs in improving Ear and Eye health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Victoria.

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