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The Victorian Rural Health Community Pulse Check – Webinar Recording

The Victorian Rural Health Community Pulse Check Webinar

On the 8 September, our health workforce reporting and planning team hosted the Victorian Rural Health Community Pulse Check webinar.

This webinar explains the what, why and how of the Victorian Rural Health Community Pulse Check and how to get involved in our Victorian Rural Health Workforce Census. Both of these contribute to the Victorian Health Workforce Needs Assessment, which is used by the government to make decisions about health initiatives in rural Victoria. The information is also used by the RWAV to administer hundreds of grants, programs and initiatives to rural and remote Victorian communities to improve health outcomes.

 The Community Pulse Check is the avenue for communities, organizations and special interest groups who work in rural and remote Victoria, to have their say on what the health needs and selected workforce gaps are in their respective region. This may include Subject Matter Experts that are representing their rural region. For example, hospital executives and their teams, special interest groups, non-for-profit organizations, local government/  councils and university research groups, etc. These are people on the ground, who may not be health practitioners, but know their community and their community health needs well.

Should you have any questions, please email them directly to data@rwav.com.au.

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