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Physiotherapist Shane Bishop makes the move to regional Victoria

When you are sitting on a rickety tram during peak hour, your personal space a distant memory and your sense of smell working overtime – it’s strange to think some people don’t covet this way of life.

“I’ve always not been a city person,” says Warragul physiotherapist Shane Bishop, “I don’t like the fast way of life, it’s all too business minded.”

Shane grew up on the Mornington Peninsula, studied on the Gold Coast, and now finds himself working in the Gippsland town of Warragul as a physiotherapist. He tried a stint in the city before doubling down on the fact it was just not his preferred way of life.

When asked what makes the country so alluring, Shane replied, “Out here you aren’t A Physio, you are The Physio. Working for a city team is more about people just coming in and wanting a rub down. In the country, it is people looking for advice so they can take care of themselves – they aren’t afraid to ask for help and they really appreciate it. They come to the clinic with open minds and are happy with even the smallest amount of help that you can give them.”

Shane’s path crossed with RWAV when he decided he wanted to relocate to a rural Victoria from Queensland’s Gold Coast in January 2021. Life became less about quantity and more about quality, and since then he really has been absorbed into the Warragul community. It wasn’t long before Shane had joined the local running group, next he was featured in the local paper about his running, before finally the club asked if he could use his expertise and experience to help with the club’s warm ups. “They definitely see each other as a resource for the community. It’s a real sense of mateship and camaraderie.”

Shane had this to say to anyone thinking about going rural, “Go for it. There is a real focus on quality of life out here, and the community looks after you while you are looking after them. Community isn’t just a buzzword here.”

Why not make a change to rural Victoria like Shane?

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