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Outreach Program: RHOF

Improving access to healthcare services for all residents in rural and remote communities. This program has 4 focus areas: mental health, eye health, chronic disease and paediatric health.

The Rural Health Outreach Fund (RHOF) aims to ensure all Australians have the same opportunity to access medical services, regardless of where they live.

RHOF Objectives:

  • Providing both public and private outreach health services that address prioritised community needs.
  • Broadening the range and choice of health services available in regional, rural and remote locations.
  • Removing financial disincentives that create barriers to service provision


The RHOF can assist with funding to support new services, as well as expand established visiting outreach health services. This fund provides a flexible funding pool to support health professionals in delivering healthcare services in outreach locations by providing funding support to cover the costs of travel, accommodation, meals and other associated expenditure. Outreach funds cannot cover the cost of a salary – Medicare billing should be claimed where possible. The RHOF also supports cultural training for outreach service providers and encourages providers to offer upskilling activities at outreach locations.

The Department of Health uses the Modified Monash Model (MMM) 2019 classification system to determine eligibility for service locations across Australia. Services supported through the RHOF are delivered in MM 3 (large rural towns) to MM 7 (very remote communities). There is an emphasised need to fill in gaps within the following health priorities:

    • Maternity and Paediatric Health
    • Eye Health
    • Mental Health
    • Support for chronic disease management, including chronic pain management
  • Specialist medical services
  • Allied health services
  • Midwife and nursing services
  • Combinations of eligible services (i.e. multidisciplinary teams)
  • Outreach GP services, including support for female GPs to provide outreach services to broaden the health service choices available to rural women
  • Administration and coordination of the above services

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