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2023-24 Outreach Service Funding Round

RWAV is pleased to announce that 2023-24 Outreach Service Funding Round is open!

The outreach programs aim to increase access to maternal and paediatric, mental health, chronic disease management, ear and eye health care for communities in rural and regional Victoria.

Outreach services that may be supported through the programs include:

  • Specialist medical services;
  • Allied health services;
  • Midwife and nursing services;
  • Combinations of eligible services (i.e. multidisciplinary teams).

All outreach service providers and host organisations are encouraged to apply for funding for the period 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024. Closing date for application submission is Wednesday 15 March 2023.

To apply, please click here to fill out the 2023-24 Outreach Service Funding Round form.

For more information regarding eligible services, please review the RWAV Outreach Programs Service Delivery Standards.

Should you have any questions and/or require further support in completing the application, please do not hesitate to contact vicoutreach@rwav.com.au to schedule an appointment.

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