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New GP welcomed in Bairnsdale

The advantages of working in rural healthcare don’t stop at a great work-life balance and quality of life. Doctors who work rural build closer community relationships and find they can make a real difference for these communities.

The Eastwood Family Medical Clinic in Gippsland recently welcomed a new GP, Dr Jai Kaushik to their practice.

Originally from Jaipur, India, Dr Kaushik, spent some time in Sydney and had a few job opportunities in Melbourne, but, after visiting the clinic in Bairnsdale and meeting patients and staff, he decided going rural was the right decision.

This is his first time living in a rural setting and after only a few months on the job he already feels at home.

“It’s lovely here, totally different from anything else I’ve experienced. The quality of life definitely increases out here – there are lots of wide open spaces and much more fresh fruit and vegetables,” Dr Kaushik said.

“Everyone is so nice and welcoming here. Patients really take the time to talk to you and they’re great listeners.”

For Dr Kaushik, working rurally is also an opportunity to serve the community in a meaningful way. “There is a bigger need for doctors here, and I feel it’s always good to serve where you are needed the most,” he said.

In his new position Dr Kaushik sees an opportunity to contribute to the increased demand for aged care in the community. The doctor’s interests focus on chronic issues – pain management, diabetes, asthma, hypertension and emergency medicine. “I feel I can pitch in a lot with my experience in chronic issues management.”

The clinic sees a split demographic with the majority of patients being elderly and a number of school aged patients. And, Dr Kaushik, 30, says being a young GP makes it a lot easier to relate to the younger generations.

Dr Kaushik holds an MBBS from Rajasthan University of Health Sciences and after meeting Australian registration requirements he is currently working towards Fellowship with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners on the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) pathway.

Outside of work Dr Kaushik has already involved himself in the community by joining the West Bairnsdale Cricket Club and is a regular at the gym and swimming pool.

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