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MyRWAV and outreach visit reports training videos

This page provides short training videos related to the outreach contracts for 2021/2022 and how you can use the MyRWAV portal to submit your visit reports.

After playing a video, you can watch videos on full screen by clicking on the icon below (The Yellow square) at the bottom-right side of each video.

If you have any questions related to these training videos, please get in touch with us now or phone (03) 9349 7800 (Option 2).

Outreach contracts and compliance requirements for 2021/22

How to apply for an outreach service?

How to submit a service visit report?

How to register for MyRWAV portal?

Update on outreach service delivery standards and needs assessment for 2021/22

Overview of the information available on your MyRWAV portal

The Latest Podcast

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