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Meet our VicOutreach team

L – R : Amber, Shae, Edith, Roshika, Merina, Meredith


We would like to welcome our Outreach Regional Program Officers who will be working closely with you to improve health outcomes for people living in rural and regional Victoria.

RWAV provides financial support for healthcare professionals including specialists and allied health professionals to provide outreach services to meet community needs.

Amber Neilley

Amber Neilley is a Kungarakun and Torres Strait Islander woman, originally from Cairns. Amber has been working with the Outreach Team for over two years in different roles. She is now the Regional Program Officer for the South East, Gippsland and Murray PHN Regions.

Amber has extensive experience in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities Services and Eye and Eye Health. Amber is passionate about improving outcomes for those living in rural and regional Victoria and for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities.

Merina Tagaloa

Merina Tagaloa has joined the RWAV team in the role of a Regional Program Officer capacity; she covers the Murray PHN Region from Bendigo all the way up to Mildura.

Merina has extensive experience working in the not-for-profit sector across a diverse range of organisational forms. Merina has strong skills in working in project management and coordination working predominantly within the community health sector both in New Zealand and Australia.

Edith Olivares

Edith Olivares is originally from Chile arriving in Sydney in 2008. Edith has extensive experience in Community Development and Health roles, working across different sectors including Drug and Alcohol, Settlement and Aboriginal and Social Housing.

She joined RWAV in October 2017 and is working as Regional Program Officer, responsible for the Western Victoria and North Western Melbourne PHN regions within the VicOutreach Team.

You can reach the VicOutreach Team on 03 9349 7800 or  vicoutreach@rwav.com.au



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