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Personal Growth – Be a Resilient Health Professional

Resilience is the topic hotly discussed across many industries and layers of workforce. It is especially critical for all frontline workers, professionals and anyone in organisational leadership. In healthcare environment, everyone is on the frontline! So, start pumping that resilience muscle for your own sake and the people in your care.

The best news is that the RWAV Health Workforce Scholarship Program Grant can support you to attend this event. Check out our HWSP grant guidelines.

The answer to the question on how to build your personal resilience as a health professional will be co-created in the Interprofessional Colloquium on Thursday, 8 September 2022. Led by the Australian Pharmacy Council and the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC), the event brings together experts across health profession education to discuss links between education, training and practice.

This year the Colloquium theme will focus on transforming the curriculum to create resilient professionals who can not only apply their knowledge with self-assurance but also lead change in response to the needs of our communities.

The IPE Colloquium lineup boasts an esteemed list of pharmacy leaders, including Dr Liza Seubert, Dr Sarira El-Den, Amanda Bryce, and Professor Lisa Pont, alongside colleagues in nursing and allied health such as Associate Professor Deb Massey, Professor George Siemens, Julie Loveny, and Professor Marie Gerdtz.

Topics include:

  • building resilience, courage, and connection
  • teaching to disrupt the status quo
  • learning from the impacts of the pandemic on student and intern learning and training
  • implementing mental health first aid training in education
  • achieving Sustainable Development Goals in education
  • the contribution of student placements to clinical care

To dive into more about the program, visit here: https://ipecolloquium.com.

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