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Healthy Liver Clinic

Sonny was diagnosed with liver disease and liver failure was inevitable due to Hepatitis C and excessive alcohol consumption. In 2016, new treatments became available for all Australians with this disease. This treatment can effectively manage symptoms of Hepatitis C and does not have many side effects.

After three months of daily treatment, Sonny now shows no symptoms of Hepatitis C. Sonny did the hard work and with the right support, he was able to stop drinking alcohol. He is healthy and his liver has improved significantly.

Since 2013, Rumbalara Health Service in Mooroopna has had a visiting Infectious Disease Physician funded through RWAV providing a monthly clinic for clients with viral Hepatitis. Having this service has meant clients can assess specialists to treat Hepatitis C. They are managed locally in a culturally safe environment without having to travel.

Onsite assessment of liver fibrosis using a mobile Fibroscanner® has enabled clients to be informed of the presence of liver damage immediately and appropriate treatment can be prescribed without delay.

Many clients in rural Australia are reluctant to travel to access medical specialist care. The collaboration between RWAV and Rumbalara and the funding provided by the Australian Department of Health for outreach services enables specialist services to be accessed by local communities.

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