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RWAV successfully coordinated another round of ENT surgeries with Dr Zenia Chow at Kilmore Hospital in June. Seven children and their carers were flown from Mildura to Melbourne to undergo ENT surgery preventing long delays in accessing treatment.

The Garland family had 2 children who were on the wait list and were relieved to have both of their children operated on the same day. The younger of the 2 Garland children Chloe, is currently in daycare and she has been constantly absent due to tonsillitis. This impacted on the family’s finances as they had a loss of income due to one parent having to take time off work to care for Chloe but also having to pay for daycare even though she was absent in order to keep her enrolment. William and Chloe’s mother Katrina Garland stated that it was not only the financial burden but more importantly she noticed that Chloe had delay in her speech development. Katrina is delighted to have both her children receive an adenotonsilectomy and looks forward to them enjoying a healthy active childhood.

Richard Lisiate, another surgery recipient is in grade 3 and has had chronic infections, breathing difficulties and constant nose bleeds. After many visits to local health services, they were finally referred to Mallee District Aboriginal Services (MDAS), where Dr Zenia Chow diagnosed him and fast tracked him into the Eye and Ear Surgical Support Services (EESSS) managed by RWAV.   Richard’s grandmother, Shirley said that without the referral to RWAV’s EESSS program, Richard would still be waiting for his surgery.

Despite having to travel a long distance from their homes in Mildura and Robinvale, the families of the 7 children who received surgery were pleased that their children can now have a healthier start to life free from ENT complications.

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