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RWAV Country Health Snapshot 2019

Each year RWAV conducts the GP Workforce and Skills Update and Medical Practice Update. The information gathered in these surveys is essential to the work that RWAV does and is used in many ways. The results help direct resources to where they are needed most and to enable continuity of health services as well as giving a snapshot of country Victorian health professionals.

Thank you to everyone who provided information as filled in the 2019 survey. The information you provided will assist us to identify the critical recruitment, retention, professional development, and support needs of health professionals, as well as contributing to a national Minimum Data Set on the regional and rural general practice workforce in Australia.

Note: All results are from a survey of general practitioners conducted in rural and regional Victoria (MMM2-7) and in Geelong (MMM1) between the 15th of November and 15th of December 2019. The survey was conducted to understand GP workforce statistics and role data (e.g., advanced skills practiced, VMO rights). The survey was sent out to 2029 unique GPs and registrars, with a response rate of 18.88% (N = 383).

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