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Grants help regional medical specialists access metropolitan training

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In the 2017/18 financial year, three physiotherapists from Optimum Clinic applied to RWAV and obtained three continuing professional development grants. The outcome was that each physiotherapist was able to use the grants to upskill and put that specialised training to use in their regional practice located in Wodonga.

β€œAllied health professionals need to keep on top of the latest research and changes in professional development in order to be able to provide the best ongoing care for our clients,” said Joe Moran, head physiotherapist and owner of Optimum Clinic.

As part of the continued professional development funding, physiotherapist Brylee Gallagher, used her grant to upskill to therapeutic yoga level 2, physiotherapist David Rossiter focussed his upskilling training on different types of cervicogenic headache presentations and Mr. Moran used his grant to upskill on mobilisations of the ribs and thoracic spine.

β€œWe all felt it was important to receive funding to be able to access courses in the city as it is a large personal expense to continually participate in professional development,” continued Mr. Moran.

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