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Dr Yousuf Ahmad retires as Chair of the RWAV Board

Dr Yousuf Ahmad retired as Chair of the RWAV Board this month, after four years in the role.

Dr Ahmad has been a board member of RWAV since 2012, and was appointed Chair in 2016. Over the last eight years, Dr Ahmad has led RWAV through significant events and changes, advancing RWAV’s ability to deliver services that improve the health outcomes for rural communities and adapt to the changing needs of health services in Victoria.

Dr Ahmad’s story as a rural procedural generalist began in Zimbabwe, where he discovered his passion for rural health and the clinical freedom, community connection and lifestyle benefits that are attached to it.

In 2000, Dr Ahmad and his family moved to Australia, eventually settling down in Sale where he has worked as a rural GP since 2003. Dr Ahmad’s unique experience and interest in rural general practice, medical education, primary health management and governance, has been an invaluable asset for RWAV to navigate the changing conditions of the rural health landscape in Victoria.

Looking back at his time on the RWAV Board, Dr Ahmad has many achievements he is proud of, but he has particularly enjoyed working with a team of highly skilled directors.

“I’m very proud of the skilled team of directors who thoroughly believe in the mission of RWAV and the objective of our work,” Dr Ahmad says.

“In turn this has improved the operational capacity and service delivery provided by RWAV.

“I am also very proud of the advocacy role RWAV has taken in the last couple of years to improve access to the health workforce in rural Victoria.”

We recently caught up with Dr Ahmad to hear his reflections on the last eight years and his thoughts around the future priorities for health care in regional and rural Victoria. Listen here.

In his final year as Chair of the RWAV Board, Dr Ahmad has guided RWAV through the extraordinary challenges presented by the summer bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst there is still much support needed for rural Victorian health services concerning the lasting impacts of these challenges, Dr Ahmad’s legacy will see RWAV ready and able to rise up to the challenge.

We thank Dr Ahmad for his leadership and long-serving dedication to RWAV, and welcome Associate Professor Morton Rawlin in his new appointment as Chair of the RWAV Board.

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