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Cultural training and its impact on health services in Echuca

RWAV facilitated the first of many cultural awareness training workshops in November at Njernda Aboriginal Corporation, Echuca which was run by AJ Williams-Tchen.  Health professionals from Echuca Family Medical, Echuca Podiatry, Echuca Primary Care Clinic, Echuca Health, Echuca Medical Clinic and Njernda Aboriginal Corporation enjoyed the workshop and found it very interesting, informative and engaging.


Participants identified some key learnings which included the involvement of extended family in an individual’s health care, appropriate  terminology to use, no eye contact doesn’t mean the client is disengaged, how to refer to individual’s families including  uncles, cousins and the importance of family and community in an individual’s overall health and wellbeing.

Some significant changes that participants identified they would make when as a result of attending the workshop, were to provide a more Aboriginal safe and friendly environment within their practices, involving family in appointments and decision making process of patient’s health issues, taking more time to understand their needs and to ask more questions.  Feedback from participants on the day. “The staff from ERH said it was best cultural Awareness Training  Workshop, yes very beneficial could pass that on AJ and beautiful thing about it was  the venue at Njernda  in Aboriginal setting –out comfort of hospital settings ”Aunty Barb Gibson – Thorpe.

RWAV is delighted to have facilitated this cultural training where local healthcare workers gained a much better understanding of the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients that they are working with.  This in turn will enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients to build stronger relationships with mainstream health workers resulting in better health outcomes to the local community.

The next workshop will take place at the Pyrenees House, East Grampians Health Service Ararat in December 2016.

For more information on the Cultural Awareness Workshops and registrations please contact Paul Tzikas, VicOutreach on 03 9349 7800 or pault@rwav.com.au



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